Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Joan is journalling in Rose's "Bird" Journal

As this was the first Journal of the round and as Rose had not done a page herself apart from her introduction, I was going to be the first to do a page in it and I was a bit nervous about that first drop of paint.   I love this little book, it is so cute and neat and not anything like the big recycled journals, I usually  receive in these sort of collaborative journal swaps.

Anyway I dived in head first with some lovely Dylusion paints I have recently bought, but first of all I gessoed both pages.  I had tried the paint on a couple of other items prior to this and I loved the way it blended and dried so quickly.  I used Lime green, another green, a blue and a yellow. It did not blend as easy on the gesso as it does just on paper. Then I stuck on a couple of pieces of paper with some bird related text. When dry I used gel medium to attach a napkin I had made myself using one of the white pieces from a bought napkin . I had  used a some bird relate text and a few small bird pictures to make the napkin. That become lovely and translucent over the paint.  I also attached a piece of a bought napkin with some flowers and one bird on it,on the right hand page.

I then added some more paint and some spray dyes  here and there. I did not like the piece of tissue with the yellow bird partly showing above, so I covered it up.  I then drew (very badly) a couple of other birds, The yellow one was a copy of a bird on one of the bird postage stamps  Rose has on the cover. I then added a little more paint and some highlighting etc. I collaged a flying owl on left and covered him with a dimensional glue to protect him and to give some texture to page,  I highlighted the piece of paper that was straddling both pages from the second layer with a coat of thick white gesso and used some stick-ons to repeat one of the sayings that had been on the background napkin.  "Birds of a feather flock together".   I forgot to take a photo at this stage. Next day, I stamped a little flower and used pens to outline. I stuck some beautiful feathers I have had for about twenty years on bottom right hand corner and some text I had typed on a transparency to the right.    I hope Rose likes it, I sent it to Lisa ( next in line) yesterday.


  1. This is so Lovely! you have done a great job here!

  2. What a lovely page you have created Joan - beautiful work I love all the birds but that owls so wonderful and the inclusion of the long treasured feathers is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous colours Joan, and I love reading about people's processes. Look forward to receiving it and having a play!

  4. Joan, it's beautiful! I wish I could hold it and look at it closely. The colours are pure bliss and your feathers tie it all together so well. For many, many years the Barn Owl has been a strong favourite for me and there he is, flying to me off the page. Thank you so much for your wonderful visions.


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