Saturday, March 12, 2016

2nd Page in EMOTIONS

I've had a very productive day...a little bit of gardening this morning and then spending all afternoon at my art table doing my second page in Natalie's journal. I started with the background, of got it to were I was happy with it.
I found the focal image rummaging around in some magazines and thought it was perfect for one of those "OMG" moments.
Feeling rather at ease with working in Natalie's journal,I decided to do a double layout spread with this "OMG" emotion and that's exactly what I did...I went for it and the other half contains a saying to help you move out of your comfort zone and accept things that happen in your life. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to help us learn and grow as a person.

I think there is a bit too much light in this pic as the wording looks confused, it is clearer in real. So the finished double page is below and now I have it ready to send to the next lovely lady to work in. Hoping you like it Natalie.
Thank you.


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    1. Sorry Deb it posted twice and I tried to tidy it up , I need to remember it gives this message instead.

  2. Love love these pages, vintage poparty stuff is always cool. Great work Wendy.

  3. Wonderful work Wendy, great pages and it is great to see how much you are enjoying playing in these swaps. :)

  4. Again you have created a wonderful outside the box page . Love it

  5. Again you have created a wonderful outside the box page . Love it


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