Friday, May 30, 2014

Reveal Your True Self by Sharon

Mmmn.... what do I reveal?  How much do I reveal?

The beach comber 

This is the quiet, observant me
The one who is upset by the fish that has become stranded on a high tide.

The one who becomes wildly excited by a flock of tiny waders
racing along the wind swept shore

The researcher 
who wants to know what that is
and how does it fit into the universe

The collector
who has several drawers full of flotsam and jetsam
set in resin or hung in long strings down her notice board

The artist 
who wonders at the infinite subtlety of nature
and the beauty of the tiny broken creatures as she walks by

A mother, a lover, a friend
Loves easily and is hurt by the unthinking

How much did I reveal?
Do you know me now?


  1. What wonderful jounaling Sharon, I want to wander once again along that wild Indian Ocean shoreline this time with you. I once found a tumbled opal among the beautiful rocks on the beach at Prevally, so many treasures to be found and admired.

  2. Lots of lovely texture Sharon...great pages!

  3. Beautiful pages, the seaweed addition is brilliant! :-)


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