Thursday, May 15, 2014

Louise's pages in Oriental

I have not been very arty at all lately, things have been really full on at home and the sheer size of all that is going on has been overwhelming and all the while this little beauty has been quietly beckoning to me from my self. The picture above is the tittle page Roz made in he journal, the whole journal is a delight.

Initially I was playing around with an idea for something clean and simple and sophisticated, I wanted to use paper and pattern and I started this page and it just sat there for a while until I finally added the fan.

In the mean time I had an idea about an Asian sunset,
so I played with dylusion sprays for the background and a simple ink drawing, and then the ideas were really flowing so I did a third page.

Playing with suggested textures here , I was after the feeling of languishing in luxury, silks and velvets, precious metals and succulent fruit.

So I have added an extra page into your journal Roz and I hope you like them.


  1. Ohhh! How lovely! Very sophisticated, You achieved exactly what you set out to do. Love theses pages.

    1. Thanks Jan :) I have your gorgeous journal here now to beckon me on :)

  2. Oh Louise - I love,love,love these pages.Thank you so much for staying with it and creating these beautiful pieces of art. Fans and bamboo are 2 things that I really love. Your Asian lady is great too!!
    I can send on some more pages if necessary. When I made the journal I had run out of watercolour paper and I have since got more.

  3. So pleased you like them Roz, I just added a page in and I am sure other people can do the same if they want to do more pages.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pages!! xoxo


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