Thursday, May 29, 2014

Momento Mori by Sharon

Gosh I learnt a lot from this journal.  Google ran hot and my courage was a lot like a steam train.  It took a long time to heat up but finally got over the hill and came down running.

It turns out that I was somewhat afraid to look death - particularly mine, in the face.  I didn't want to create a day of the dead look - that's not me and neither did I want to be in tears every time I worked on it.
I started out thinking that in someone else's comment they said to try to think of it as something we pass on.  The light bulb moment came as I started to think about the three generations of hand written recipe books that I have but somehow that seemed a bit glib.  So I went back to google.  I ended up finding an arm of momento mori called veritas art.

There is a great article in 'Art of manliness."  It talks about veritas art (certainty of death) and lists some of the common symbols such as bubble (I already use them), smoke (too hard), hourglass, watches (already did a painting of fob watches) rotting fruit and flowers, sheet music, books....  Finally I had something that I could handle.

So off I went and ended up using the image of a rose that had dropped all its petals, some random sheet music that I had lost most of the pages to and an old wood cut that I did many eons ago of myself.  I ended up with so many ideas that I may have gone over board.

So in the end - thanks.  I love a challenge and I think I rose to it in the end.

"Veritas - truth

  • the fleeting beauty of a bubble

  • the haunting melody of a piano heard in the middle of the night
  • the flickering light of a candle
  • the temporary perfection of a rose

  • the time together of three generations
These are some of the precious moments I celebrate."


  1. You have captured so much here, of passing and fleeting beauty and you have taught me a whole lot more about this theme, beautiful pages once again Sharon.

  2. Thankyou Sharon, your pages are beautiful and full of self truth. I am really touched that you put so much thought into the theme and bravely expressed yourself. I can't wait to see it in the flesh ;) hehe x

  3. These pages are wonderful Sharon...quite ethereal which suits the theme really well.

  4. Well done Sharon! You certainly rose to the challenge and sailed off into the sunset with it! Congrats! :-)


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