Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My spread in Nicole's Out of the Box journal

+I made all of the "treasures" out of cardboard and aluminium foil coloured with alcohol ink and/or embossing powder. I also used distress paint and ink,  a copper leafing pen, a silver metallic pen, and gilders paste.There are a couple of die cuts and some buttons as well as some rhinestones.
I did the spread on the brown card that Nicole supplied in the box. I almost forgot to mention that I started the background off with a layer of used tea bags that had been dried and cut apart and adhered with diluted PVA. Not very apparent in the pics but the texture is there to see and feel.
Hope you like it Nicole.


  1. Wow Roz I am LOVING this!! I am a big fan of texture and I love how your mixed the earthy colours with bright colours!

  2. Wow Roz that looks incredible, what a fantastic idea and beautifully created.

  3. Such an amazing page! Love the colours and texture. Definitely outside the box!

  4. It looks all so amazing!! Can't wait to see it in person! :-)


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