Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My Whimsical Creatures creation in Louise Kirby's Journal - Janie O'Brien

So many creatures travelled through my mind while I was thinking about creating this page for Louise. I moved from absolutely realistic to absolutely abstract and back again, but I knew I wanted colour so I settled on creatures in between realistic and abstract. I hope you enjoy them Louise, I will be sorry to see them go; I really had fun with this. All hand painted with various techniques, apart from the little birds which were a last moment collaged addition - couldn't help myself; they had to be there.



  1. So lovely to see you painting Janie. Thank you

    1. I used to paint all the time Louise, mostly on very large boards. Now, in my dottage, I enjoy working in a smaller frame of journal size mixed media and it's also great knowing I don't have to stand up to do it anymore.

  2. Gorgeous Janie! Love that you've used all the colours! 🧡

  3. This is great Janie...very the birds too.

  4. Wow! Looks beautiful and colourful Janie!


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