Friday, May 22, 2020


This is my spread in Janie's Australian journal. 

I absolutely love aboriginal art so I thought I would create an aboriginal inspired page.

I started with a blue background and traced circles with a cup. I then attempted to follow in the circles with dots. I used blue and white dots to create water. It was so hard to keep perfect circle shape. I definitely have so much more respect for aboriginal artist,  it's so much harder than it looks.

Once the ocean was completed I then used Brown to create the Australian map. I did do dots then changed my mind after filling in the map. 

I then traced circles inside the map. Once completed I realized I should have made the circles going in an opposite direction to the water as it kind of blends together. 

I hope you like this page Janie, it really was fun to make.


  1. Well done, love this spread... you have done an awesome job... Cheers for Sharing...

  2. So much work, looks awesome Rebecca-lee!


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