Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Home - The Retirement Plan!

by Lisa for Sallyanne

For Sallyanne's journal, about what home means to you, I decided to do some wishful thinking.  In 15 or so years, when we can retire, wouldn't it be nice to move down the beach?

My father-in-law has a holiday house in Ocean Grove, southeast of Geelong.  We love going there for a mini break, and are often there between Xmas and New Year.  We even considered moving down there when the kids were young - but I didn't want to leave Melbourne at the time.

Ocean Grove has become very popular now, and populous.  But somewhere down on the Bellarine Peninsula would be lovely; sell our Melbourne home for a good price and buy a few acres not far from the coast.  Nice to have a dream...

So I decided to have a bit of a go at the dream retirement home.  Since it's my dream, it must have a HUGE art room where I can just play all day.  And a decent kitchen.

A bit of land, so Scott can justify buying a ride on mower.  He's always wanted one... 😄

A spot for a vegie garden out the back, where Scott can grow some veg and herbs.  Not me though, I'll be busy in my art room.... 😝  Plus a verandah to keep the house shady, and a nice pergola for entertaining.  An open fire, timber floors.

A spot to park the caravan that we'll also buy, so we can go tripping around Australia.

It's nice to have a dream... 💜

The spread was gessoed, then everything inked in, and watercoloured.

Hope you like it Sallyanne!  Happy Arting all!

Cheers, Lisa 


  1. Fantastic Lisa...hope your dream comes true💗

  2. Love it Lisa and I love that style of house too

    1. Thanks Louise, think you already have something similar don't you? 😊💜

  3. What a wonderful dream to have Lisa... like Roz, I hope your dream comes true...

  4. Love it! What a perfect dream :D


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