Friday, January 10, 2020

My Book Page Art Journal is home!

I received my journal in the mail a week or two before Christmas, and what a lovely present it was!

Thanks so much to everyone who did a spread in it - it's thick and juicy! 

And thank you to everyone who struggled with ripping up a book.  The first one is always hardest, but old books look fab incorporated into artworks!

So here's my completed journal.  The cover was made with book pages made into petals, and a teabag covered book page in the centre. 

Next was my contract and an example of black out poetry.

Jenny did an amazing underwater spread with lots of gorgeous elements!  The photo doesn't show how shiny and glossy it all is. 💙

Melissa's spread was called Round & Round the Garden and included some great black out poetry, plus a lovely garden scene.  So cute!

Sallyanne came up with a fairytale scene with the requisite dwarves, a wolf, and princess, with music paper and book pages collaged into the background.  Lots of great texture!

Next is Janie's fabulous medieval scene!  Amazing print in the background, with heaps of stamps and imagery, including a lovely tree of life.

I did another black out poetry page in pink. 💗

Sharon did a spread based on Alice in Wonderland which included old pages from the book in the background - she found a cheap copy at a market I believe!  Lucky!  Always love a bit of Alice!

Next page is by - I think, as it hasn't been signed - Amanda.  Lots of cute fairies and toadstools, with words collaged into the background.  Love, love, love the colour scheme in this one!

Just love the colour scheme on this next spread too, which is by Meg.  She's used an old crossword as her base - great idea!  All of the circles really work with this cute spread.

This next page was a joint collaboration by Pam and Louise, using Pam's stash 💚.  Heaps of collaged book pages, with a wonderful sentiment in cut out letters!

Louise's spread is awe inspiring: stained fabric and book pages shaped into a Ghost Ship.  I'm really drawn to the muted palette in this!

Robyn did a wonderful tree with book page flowers and a painted book page background.  It's so cute, and I certainly don't mind that it's upside down!  Think we've all done that at some stage!

Roz did a lovely peaceful beach scene with a book page background.  Would like to be sitting there right now!  

And lastly was a pocket page with some book pages in it (for those who were hesitant to rip up a book of their own!) and the posting order - teabag covered book page flowers.

Thank you all so much for my lovely journal!

I look forward to the next journal round starting soon - happy arting all!

Cheers, Lisa xx

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