Sunday, December 22, 2019

Amanda's Galaxy

 My final journal to complete in this round was Amanda's Galaxy. I was really looking forward to this one as I knew it would be real fun to do. I hope you enjoy it Amanda. I believe it is better in the flesh than these photos. I found it particularly hard to photograph, possibly because the background was so dark.  

This picture is the triple spread I completed. I attached an extra flap on the right hand side, as I wanted my little story on the closed side....I made this with torn collaged elements of planets and stars. The main point of interest is the 'shaker' planet of Saturn. With all the loose glittering stars under its 'dome.'

Here are the universes. One the left hand side middle right, if you look carefully, you can see two stars which look as if they're nearly colliding.

Here is the story I just loved about the 'colliding' suns which is on the outside of the flap I made.

Right hand side

Left hand side


Thank you so much for popping in to see our lovely journals as they are developing. We love to see your comments.