Friday, December 6, 2019

Mother Earth - Gaia

I have discovered that it is more difficult the further down the list of recipients you come. I would think of something then remember, "Oh, so and so did that already.' No matter, it just made me think harder.
I started with the concept of Gaia as Mother Earth. Next, I read lots about what Gaia means. Then, I found my focal image...the pregnant everywoman about to give birth to the Earth.
I love this image as it can symbolise the birth of a child, an idea, a theory, an art journal spread. And, this year I've been 'pregnant' with so many ideas and techniques to use in the various journals that have passed through my hands.
I began with gesso, then some stencils, followed by lots of sprays...metallic mostly as I really wanted a cosmic feel to my pages. I discovered an acetate page from Kaisercraft's Stargazer collection and used it on one of my pages to symbolise the universe. This, together with the image of a pregnant Gaia helped to complete my spread. The word 'precious' is included as it pertains to Earth and every living creature on it.
Louise, I know this has been a very difficult time for you. I hope you will see my spread as a tribute to your wonderful mum, Pam, who was one of my mentors. Let's be kind to each other and protect our Gaia xox


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