Friday, November 29, 2019

Who Am I?

by Lisa for Sallyanne

Sallyanne's A4 size journal is a great chunky thing that she's going to love when it gets home!

Her theme is "Who are you?" which can actually be a daunting thing to journal about.  Pam's entry is now especially moving, as she's no longer with us 😢💜.

A few years ago I'd done a self-portrait as part of a weekly drawing challenge I was in, so I decided to recreate this piece but make it a bit smaller.

As usual, I forgot to take enough progress pics!  Jenny always puts me to shame!  My usual medium is watercolour, but for this journal I opted for acrylics.  I have stacks of stencils so wanted to use them in some way. 

So I ended up using all the colours!  😁

Afterwards, I thought it was a bit loud, so used another favourite stencil to add some white over the top, then spritzed it with watercolour.  Also added some white Molotow pen to make it whiter.  Can't please me!

Next I watercoloured strips of paper and wrote bits of trivia on each one, about myself.

And on the right hand side, I also added my little self-portrait, doing some of my favourite things - reading a good book, drinking a glass or three of chardy, and eating M&Ms!  Don't think wine and M&Ms really go together, but not letting that stop me.

So here are all my bits of trivia!  
Family - I've been married to Scott for 25 years and we have 2 kids - Riley, 20, and Mel, 18.
Home - Scott's family have always been in Melbourne, but I moved here in '91.  Before that I lived in Pt Pirie SA, Newcastle NSW, Golden, Colorado USA, and Mt Isa Qld.  We moved a lot with my dad's work!
Art - I've dabbled in different arts & crafts all my life, but it's only in the last 5 years or so that I've been happy to call myself an artist.  I love using watercolours and doing collage with teabags that have been recycled.  I try and make art every day!
Sport - When I was younger I played netball, softball and tennis.  Arthritis in my knees put an end to my sport, and I had a partial knee replacement almost 12 months ago.  Now I try to walk regularly!
Smells - I love the smell of brewed coffee, vanilla and orange.  In the supermarket, I love the smell of the tea aisle and shampoo aisle!  I hate strong smells like petrol, textas, oil paints, some flowers, and lavender!
Community - I'm the secretary of our local cricket club, the membership secretary of the netball club, and life member of the junior footy club.
Work - I've been in banking since I was 16, first with Commonwealth Bank, and now almost 17 years with Bendigo Bank!  I do Home Loans and other consumer lending.
Travel - Scott and I have been to Vietnam 4 times, the last in Sept/Oct this year.  We've met many wonderful people there.  We've also been to Cambodia and KL, and will hopefully go to Thailand next year!
Pet Hates - Rude people, people with no manners.  Please and thank you are important!  I also hate incorrect grammar and spelling!
Beliefs - I've never been religious.  I believe in treating people how you'd like to be treated.  Kindness goes a long way!
Music - I'm an 80s girl and believe this decade to be the best for music!  Love INXS, Cold Chisel, Fleetwood Mac, Human League, and new stuff - Ed Sheeran, Chainsmokers, Cold Play, Miley, Birds of Tokyo, James Blunt.  I love to sing in the car.
Food - Unfortunately I have a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate!  And caramel, and M&Ms... I try not to buy blocks of chocolate because I will eat the whole block...  My willpower is poor!
Books - I love to read and do it most days.  I prefer real books and have way too many.  Fave authors?  Diana Gabaldon, Stephen King, Melina Marchetta, JK Rowling, Justin Cronin, Anita Shreve, Geraldine Brooks.  
Movies - I love going to the cinema but Scott doesn't - Mel and I usually go together.  Love Harry Potter, Avengers, rom coms, thrillers but not horrors, lots of genres!
Left - left handed and proud of it.  One day we'll take over the world! 🙌

Hope you like it Sallyanne - happy arting!

Cheers, Lisa xx


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