Monday, November 4, 2019

Janie's Nature Journal

Another lovely topic close to my heart. 
I'm an avid gardener and love to spend as much time as possible in my garden. 

I'm also a member of a sustainable living group, whose  aim is to encourage everyone to plant a tree in their garden, no matter how small. Even if you only have room for a small citrus in a pot. 

I have a large lemon scented gum in my back garden which I love. Infact I love all trees. So with that in mind, I started Janie's pages by laying down a base of recycled papers. 

I cut out a cardboard mask of trees and scumbled the whole area with a mixture of blue acrylics. 

Once the mask was removed, it looked rather funny but once I added a bit of shading to create some definition it started to take shape. 

I then added a few branches and a suggestion of leaves.

I lighten the sky alittle and added a few dots because I like dots.

Lastly l added a message dear to my heart. 

Plant more trees. 


  1. Lovely work Sallyanne! Negative painting is always so effective. :)

  2. Such a cool idea Janie...looks great and it's a very important message xox


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