Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pam's Book Art

As many of you know, we recently lost a founding member of the Australian Art Swap Group, Pam Parker. Not only was Pam a wonderfully supportive admin and organiser for our group, but she was also my beloved mama.
I was blessed to spend 4 months by her side this year so some things have had to slide as her needs were my priority, we did try to keep up all the art swaps but in the end, death came quickly and my darling mama was worried about meeting her art obligations, I assured her I will honour them all so you will be seeing posts up until this round finishes by Pam. 
I have been helping my dad go through all of mums stuff and I have about a tonne of her art supplies to bring home and I decided I will use her supplies and as much of her hand in each piece I do for mum. I just worked on this page, playing with all mums materials and listening to her music, I still feel so very connected to her. 

This was the inspiration for mama's page, I found it in one of her stashes of papers as I was gathering book pages and suddenly I knew it was perfect for Lisa's Journal.
I covered the pages in Lisa's fabulous little journal with scraps and torn pages, then I used some of mama's paints to finish the background. While that was drying I started to go through mama's magazines to find the words, mama was an avid magazine reader and collector so no shortage of materials and it took me a long time to find them all. 
It was really lovely to be home and arting and to feel mama close. 


  1. Oh how wonderful Louise, I will certainly treasure this. Perfect sentiment. Thank you πŸ’™πŸ’™

  2. how fabulous Louise, and Lisa will be able to treasure this forever πŸ˜€

  3. Wonderful page and great inspiration Louise.

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  5. Wonderful Louise...I can see Pam in thisπŸ’—

  6. What a truly wonderful page. ♥️


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