Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ghost Ships

Lisa's theme had me stumped for quite a while, I was shuffling through book pages and considering found poetry or various other ideas but nothing was grabbing me.

Then I remembered some book pages I had been working on before I went down to mum's back in March, April. They are stitched and ecodyed and I just grabbed some and stuck them in.

I had been at the beach yesterday and had been doing a lot of deep work around grief and letting go, and I was listening to the Saints, Ghost Ships. It all seemed to fit together.


  1. wow, absolutely WOW !! I really love this Louise and your journey to make it actual

  2. Wow is right Louise! Love the colour and feel of this, and the song is great too. Thank you!

  3. Lots of feeling there well put togetheršŸ˜Š

  4. Its a wonderful piece, love the moody feeling you've created with the beautiful colours and textures.


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