Sunday, October 27, 2019

by Janie O'Brien for Louise Kirby's Gaia - The Lungs of the Earth

( i ) 3 panels. On the left is the opened 'fold-over' with the two open pages. Watercolour wash.

( ii ) close-up: started my background using a watercolour wash to develop the trees, vines and water for the mangroves

( iii )further development in water colour
( iv ) Added Margaret Mees collaged jungle flowers to the 3 panels - FINAL
( v ) Close up of outside of flap 

( vi ) Close up of inside of flap

( vi ) Left hand page

( vii ) Right Hand Page


  1. What an epic piece Janie! Awesome. πŸ’š

  2. Really love the background you created of the trees, its like they're dancing in the river. The collage trees and water effects are beautiful.


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