Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Bees Knees by AJ

OMG Jenny your journal is soooo big...
I admit I was overwhelmed, at first. 
So, how to create a spread that would fit with your cool theme?

 I began to muse about my childhood and how I loved to sit out in our backyard, studying the bees as they flew from flower to flower. Then, I considered the concerns about bees dying and the catastrophic effect it would have on our world.

My collaged pages reflect these binary considerations...the beauty and innocence of childhood and the mature adult reflections. 

I began by using gesso then collaging a series of torn pieces from very old children's encyclopedias.

 Next I sprayed using some Dylusion inks, Crushed Grape and Tangerine Dream. 

Trying to manifest the adult scientific approach I hand drew a bee with a 'magnified' drawing of its' knees'...a little humour intended. 

To show childhood I used a really pretty illustration from a children's book about

Heidi...I just love how it captures the carefree days of innocence and curiosity.

 I filled the page with flowers so that the colours would contrast with the adult page.

I love your journal Jenny and I found it a challenge...I hope you like my spread. xox

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  1. Wow Amanda, love this! So much work you've put into it xx


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