Thursday, April 25, 2019

AAJS7 Sharon's Pages in Melissa's "Under the Sea" Journal

Hi Everyone
Here are the pages I created in Melissa's Under the Sea journal - always a great theme to create for!
Wait til you see this fabulously created journal by Melissa - it's amazing and it's big LOL!!!!!!
I initially had a different idea of what I was going to do but then I decided to change tack and create these pages.
I started by covering the pages with Gesso and added some muslin cloth scraps and sticky mesh with gel medium.
This next step is where I strayed from my original idea LOL!!!
I decided to do a Conservation - Pollution comparison of what each scenario would be "Under the Sea" and as you can see I have two contrasting coloured pages.

To the "conservation" side I added some white paint through a stencil to look like the waves and froth of the sea.
On the "pollution" side I added dribbles of black paint from the top of the page - could be an oil spill!

To finish off I added some "fishes" to each page - nice ink sprayed colourful healthy fish to the left hand side and some skeletal fishes to the polluted side.
Plus I added little tiled letters for each page as well!

Hope you like what I have done Melissa and it's a bit of a reminder to us all!!!
Sharon :)


  1. fabulous idea, Sharon, and beautifully executed 😉

  2. Well done Sharon, so sad that this is an issue!

  3. Sharon this is such an amazing reminder of how precious our under water world is. Thank you very very much for contributing to my journal, I am very grateful, Melissa 😀

  4. Sharon, love the concept of contrasting the health of our oceans with the effects of pollution. A fabulous artistic take on a serious concern xox


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