Tuesday, August 21, 2018

That's all Stuff and Nonsense.

Jenny has created a really lovely journal with a landscape layout around an A4 size so you get a fabulous big area of lovely thick paper to play in.

The theme is 'Stuff and Nonsense' and our fellow artists are doing gorgeous pages, as you can imagine they are really varied with such a broad theme.

I started my pages by just playing with all of my stuff in a nonsensical way. I had no idea where I was going I was just having fun. 

In the play process the lyrics for this old song by Split Enz started playing in my head. I actually know it more from a Missy Higgins album though. 

I do value and love using words in my art journals so the lyrics pulled my page together. 


  1. Great page and Thank you for sharing the song also. I don't think I have ever heard it before.

  2. Great page Louise. We need to just let go sometimes & do stuff & nonsense. I want to go play like that too now. The music is perfect for your page. Really like it.

  3. Love your spread Louise...it's always interesting to see where creativity leads us💡🎨❤

  4. Great spread Louise, love the mass of colour and texture, and the collab between the words and images! <3

  5. Looks fantastic :D Thanks so much Louise!

  6. Love all the layers to build up to the finished spread!


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