Monday, August 20, 2018

Colleen's page in Louise's Gypsy Journal

Louise your journal is just devine. So much work & love went into it. This subject of Gypsies had me stumped, but after looking at a lot of images on the net, I chose two & printed them out. One was a black & white gypsy & the other a very colourful wagon.

I glued them onto the pages & added the flesh tone to her skin & a bit of colouring on the wagon as I figured out what to do next.

I wanted to widen the scene around that little bit of water. I had received a napkin in a recent swap & thought it would be perfect for a background. I tore it up & covered the rest of the pages completely with napkins. It looked a bit wishy washy, so I started to add colour to all the scenery. I did something I've never done before. I used distress ink refills to add the colour.

It looked better with the brighter colours

I added flowers & grasses & also used some distress crayons & tombows to some areas. Also rubbed some white paint over the water & sky.

I added words & outlining & thought it was finished , but then I noticed I had left out the wheel from the other side. 

I added the wheel & then thought I don't like her cheek. Then the pain & heartache of ruining a page set in. I stuffed up her face big time & I could not fix it. 3 hours later I decided to reprint it & glue a new face on. I ever so carefully added colour to it.

I really like what I created. Hope you like it too Louise.


  1. It is just wonderful Colleen. Love how you created it. The colors are so vivid. Love it all

  2. Beautiful spread again Louise will love it.

  3. So fabulous Colleen! Your extra colour and details have made this a really beautiful spread. And to think you were worried about what to do!

  4. Oh Colleen I adore it and can not wait to see it. Fabulous page and blog post. Thank you so much.

  5. Fantastic Colleen...good on you for trying something new.Looking forward to seeing it in real life 😊

  6. Would look amazing in real life with those fab textures and layers! Love this! Its beautiful :D


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