Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dreams and Fantasy- Debs Entry in Robyn Osbourn's Journal

In true Alice in wonderland style..I'm late.
This entry was inspired because I love to day dream. Daydream about the art I can make out of recycled materials, about the welding course I will one day do so I can join all sorts of junk together to make art, to the successful business I will have selling all my crazy art and the people who are inspired by my work and want to come and create craziness along side me in the wonderful studio and gallery I will build near a beach... Ah dreams.
So for this entry I dreamed in living colour. I used alcohol inks on Yuppo paper and played while it was wet. These are some of my favourite colours to play with.once finished I  applied Rose Gold foil to it it random abstract slashes across the paper.

I then cut it down to fit Robyn's' Journal and stuck it in. I used a chipboard sentiment from Dusty Attic that says "dream with your eyes wide open". Its pretty fitting for me really. 

Now, to look at in daytime, the chipboard sentiment looks pretty boring, it just has a tinge of green. But if you turns the lights off the sentiment glows in the dark! This is to represent me being unable to my brain off at night, that even though all the background colour and distractions fade, at night my attention can sometimes be so focused on an idea or task I am completing, that its hard to turn off and rest.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my entry and explanation in your journal Robyn. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Great Deb, it looks like some gorgeous galaxy in another dimension! 💙

  2. Awesome page Deb...the glow in the dark is cool🆒🆒🆒

  3. Love this Deb. It is all gorgeous, the dreams, the art,the words and sentiment and the meano g behind it all. Fabulous.


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