Friday, July 27, 2018

Lisa doing some Stuff and Nonsense in Jenny's Journal!

Lots of interesting and fun things in this journal of Jenny's!

I opted for a Spike Milligan poem that I found; I think it fits the bill of Stuff and Nonsense!  No progress pics, but here are bits and pieces of the finished spread.  It's a long journal!

So here's the poem:

A lion is fierce
His teeth can pierce
The skin of a postman's knee.

It serves him right
That, because of his bite,
He gets no letters you see.

And here's my postman running from the scene!  I opted for no blood.  😁  For the stamps, I went to good old Google images, found African stamps, and printed them, very small, on my trusty colour printer at work.

And here's my lion.  This spread is all in acrylics, mostly Dylusions, with some water activated pencil to add a bit of oomph.

And here's the whole spread!  Hope you like it Jenny, I had fun coming up with something like this!  

Cheers, Lisa xx


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