Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Art Nouveau- Deb's June entry. Round 6- Feeling Thankful

Its always good to be challenged and this subject matter challenged me. Research was done and I was no closer to discovering what I wanted to create. So I procrastinated by perusing Pinterest..one of my favourite procrastinating past times and found some lovely art...that was not Art Nouveau! Eventually I worked out elements that I liked about this art like outlines, stained glass and flowing plant like structures. Obviously , my piece is a very broad interpretation of this theme but I hope you still enjoy it Roz.
I started with cutting two die-cuts from a die that reminded me of stained glass in black. I adhered this to some double sided adhesive paper. the adhesive that was exposed in between the die cut, i covered in a green sparkle micro fine glitter. I burnished the piece with my fingers and removed the excess. (I have previously produced a You tube video where I made a card using this technique).

Stained glass like panels.
Using my water colours, I then applied several layers of various greens across the centre of the pages, dried and reapplied until I was happy with the colours.

I then finished up with Stamping some faint textures on the background and some Skeleton leaves and sentiment from a Concord and 9th stamp set that included a positive affirmation about Feeling Thankful. I coloured some of the sections of the leaves in with my markers to add some interest. I then adhered my panels to the outer edges of the pages and flicked some distress inks and gold across the page to finish off. It's simple but I am pleased with it. I hope you are too, Roz.


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