Sunday, July 15, 2018

Klimpt Napkins.

Colleens very lovely handmade journal arrived this month and had me stumped. 

Paper napkins....
What to do. Most of the napkins I have had already made an appearance in Collens journal and collage is not at all my forte.

I found the Klimpt one and was inspired to create my own Klimpt-ish spread and one of my favourite paintings ever is his Tree of Life.

I added 'the kiss' napkin in place of one of the figures in the Tree of Life and played. Fancy me doing a tree. 


  1. Well done Louise, Klimt is a big favourite of mine! ♥

  2. Looks wonderful :) Can never have too many trees!

  3. Louise I love this. And I adore trees too. Your tree is beautiful & that Kiss napkin Is so different. Thanks so much.


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