Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lisa playing in Colleen's Paper Napkin Journal!

Colleen's theme is Paper Napkin Art which is a really fun theme.  The journal is a lovely big A4 affair, and the way that Colleen has sewn around it makes you think it's actually cloth covered, not collaged!

I'm not a huge collector of napkins, but I did have the foresight to join the recent napkin swap, to bolster my collection!

So I started out just gathering my napkins together, looking at colours, and trying to pick out things that would/could go together.

Seems I must sub-consciously like butterflies, because I found heaps that included them!

Or is it just that they're a common theme for napkins?


Oh - not just butterflies - found a cute little birdy too.  This bird was from my favourite napkin.  And I think the only napkin that I used all of!

It included:

a sail boat (which I cut up)
the wind
and French writing.

I love French writing!  It looks so elegant, and even the most mundane words or phrases are transformed into something magical when they're in French.

I lost count of the number of times that I glued a piece of napkin down... only to find that I had missed one of the layers.  And thus had succeeded in gluing down a bit of white stuff.  Aarrggghhh!  I did leave a few bits for a bit more texture.

I thought it was really apt that I found a napkin with the words

Jardin des Papillon on it -

Garden of Butterflies!

And here's the whole spread.  A big mess of lots of different napkins and layers all collaged together, and highlighted with white and black gel pens.

I enjoyed doing this Colleen, hope you like it too!

Cheers, Lisa x


  1. And even a peacock feather :) Lovely spread Lisa.

  2. Lisa it is adorable, & you have have used some of my favourites. I never knew what Jardin des Papillon meant so thank you for that. I might have to borrow that phrase one day.Love the page so much.

  3. Looks fantastic Lisa. One thing I love about these journals is working outside our natural tendencies,you have certainly made it your own. Great spread and lovely blogging.

  4. Looks beautiful - I love the butterflies! Napkins always add fab interest to a page.


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