Monday, June 11, 2018

Deb's entry in round 6- Music and Lyrics journal.

How does one even pick a favourite song?? One single song?
I have a few favorites that I listen to when I'm feeling nostalgic or happy or needing to get energized etc. So I decided to do an interactive addition to this Journal entry because the song itself always draws such a strong reaction for me.
The song I picked by Don Williams is an old one and it reminds me of my father. He viewed the world much like these simple but powerful lyrics of the song "I believe in you".  I didn't get to write out the lyrics of the whole song out but if you wish to listen to it there is a link provided below.

I used a selection of distress oxide inks for the base and wrote the words in black fine liner. I added a distressed and foiled  die cut of a butterfly with a trail of music notes behind it.

Anyway, the second part to this entry is a crossword puzzle that I created on a free crossword generator on the worldwideinterweb lol..and I have used the magic slider technique on a smaller scale for cards so I thought why not here? I printed the empty crossword and clues (which are the names of some of my favorite songs) on clear overhead transparency and then the reader has to guess the names of the artists.

To check if your guess is correct you need to pull the tab that says 'Pull here" and slide the insert up to slowly reveal the answers underneath...Tada! There are dies that do this on a smaller scale but I looked just looked at the mechanics of it and made it bigger. There are also you tube videos that show you how to do it without dies.

 My kids  have loved guessing and opening and shutting the tab to see if they were right so I hope all of you enjoy this entry as well.

Much Love, 


  1. Beautiful pages Deb - I love that song! Look forward to trying your crossword when my journal gets home! xx

  2. Beautiful song and pages. How clever! I really love interactive journal pages.


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