Sunday, June 24, 2018

Janie's Dreams

Janie O'Brien's creation in Robyn Osborn's Dream & Fantasy Journal 2018
I loved working in Robyn Osborne's Dreams & Fantasies journal. I was able to depict a recurring dream with images of my present and past mixed up.

The Beginning. I first glued a leafy paper napkin to cover the 2 page spread.

In previous weeks, I had saved, printed and fussy cut many images to collage together to depict my story

bit by bit

adding the many doors to other dreams within my current dream.

some of the strange figures who inhabit my dreams and the many magpies that I continually dream of and miss so much!

The final detailing mists of colour and defining of various textures & colours
Robyn, I hope you enjoy my recurring dream and if you look carefully you can see that you, too are a welcome visitor through one of my doors.......


  1. Wow Janie! A wonderful page & a great story of the characters in your dreams. Stunning.

  2. Excellent spread Janie, great work!

  3. Love how you created this Janie :)

  4. The magpies are gorgeous (as always)! Hope the man is a friendly being in your dream :) So much meaning in one place!


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