Thursday, June 30, 2016

Page in Ros's "Maps" Journal

Ros's journal, is a collection of loose pages, that she will actually keep in a decorated box when it is complete.  She provided lots of different things to use if you like either as the base or to embellish your page. The theme was not so much physical maps, but how a person mind maps different events, places or procedures in their mind.

I was really stumped by this theme and was not sure what I was going to do.  Then I thought about how really this described my life and me perfectly. I compartmentalise my life always in my mind.  Also I have never been known to use a diary.  I am one of those people who gets one every year and at the end of the year it is still empty.  I keep all my schedules and appointments in my head. Even at work I am hopeless at putting stuff in the calendar, I just schedule it in my mind map and I very seldom forget or double book.  The rest of staff are always amazed at how I do that, and say I am more reliable that all their diaries or calendar when it comes to knowing not only what my day holds, but all of the other staff's schedules also.  So my "Map" is all about my mind scheduling,  it is not very graphically artistic, but more visual journalling.

I used a map of the area I live in, "Mornington Peninsula" as my page.  On the map side, I drew an outline of a head I had cut from a magazine.  I used the area of the map which contained or was near some of the places, to which I am connected in some way, ie where I live, where I have worked etc.  Then I used stickers to highlight these places.  On the other side of the map where all the locations and advertisements are listed, I blocked out approximately the same area with black chalk paint so that it represented a blackboard.  Then I stuck the cutout from the magazine which I had covered with thick layers of gesso on to the blackboard area.  Then I divided the head into 4 to represent the four main areas of my mind mapping, ie work and business, home and family, friends and activities and artistic pursuits.  I then drew lines to allow for mapping items within each of those sections.  I painted each of these in different coloured water colour paint. When dry I wrote on it to represent a typical day or type of mind mapping that would go on in that compartment of my life.   On the right side of the page and in the body of the cutout, I journalled somethings about my mind mapping and my reasoning behind the page. On the left side of the page I added some famous quotes about the mind.  I added a bit of washi tape and some stamping to complete the page. It has now been sent on its journey to Lisa.  Hope it meets the criteria.


  1. Well done Joan, I rarely keep a diary either and keep my 'to do' lists in my head! Great idea, no clue what I will do yet...!

  2. did a great job with this Joan!!

  3. You used your analytic mind to great advantage here Joan. Brilliant!!


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