Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Roses Visual Jornaling

Recently, I worked a page in Deb's art journal: Inspired by Pinterest. This is how my page spread came out. As you'll see, I'm becoming very keen on learning to sketch and one day, while browsing for a few hours (days!) on that visual feast of a site (and very addictive!), I came across some Pins of other artists' Sketchbook pages. Some of them were so inspiring and exciting to look at, my brain went into overload with ideas for my own visual sketchbook too. So, when I received Deb's art journal based on Pinterest Inspiration, well, I just had to share my new-found interest in visual sketchbooks. I'm always keen to develop my drawing skills in addition to the painting and mixed media techniques that we all use in our art journaling.

 One of my latest sketches of our little ginger cat, Possum. And I also shared what it was that inspired me on Pinterest that day.
This is a colour chart of my new watercolour pencil set. It's fantastic the way the colours suddenly transform into wet media as soon as you wet them with a water brush. Very portable and easy to use. Hope you like it, Deb.


  1. Aw this is lovely! I am a bit overwhelmed by all these gorgeous pieces emerging in a book thats all mine at the end! Thankyou so much!

  2. Oh what a lovely lovely spread Rose, I love your aspirations as well. For me, sharing that personal element really makes the art journal come to life.
    Deb your journal is going to be amazing

  3. Very beautiful page and even nicer in real life, well done Rose.


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