Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lisa J - Playing in Ros' Maps Journal

I have to say, I struggled with this journal for a while, wondering what I should do in it.  

Ros talks about everyone's Map of Self.  This made me ponder about things like one's personality, behaviours, values and beliefs.  Are we a product solely of our parents, or does where we grow up have a bearing on how we turn out?  

We moved around quite a bit when I was young, with dad's work.  I'd been to 3 other primary schools by the time we moved to Port Pirie in South Australia.  It's always a struggle starting at a new school, and this was particularly so in Pirie - especially for a newbie that was from interstate, with an American accent (yes, spent a few years in the States...)

I grew to love the town, but couldn't wait to leave it when I was older... The song "Flame Trees" by Cold Chisel seemed to epitomise Pirie!  I'm not a country girl at heart...!

I moved to Melbourne when I was 22, and met my husband to be Scott soon after.  I can't imagine ever leaving Doncaster East, but it made me wonder, would I be a different person if I'd grown up in Melbourne instead?

I drew a map of Pirie, and added in the bits that I remember from my teenage years, that made it special to me.

I'm still not sure if I found out anything about myself by doing this project, but it was a lot of fun remembering old times!

Hope you like this Ros!

Cheers, Lisa x


  1. This is great Lisa, I like it a lot, very interesting.

  2. Great work Lisa I love your pages

  3. Great work Lisa I love your pages

  4. Great creativeness involved in this page, love everything about it Lisa. Congratulations on a job well done. I have been to Port Pirie when travelling around Australia as a girl.


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