Thursday, May 5, 2016

There's Dragons in my Garden

Some days I can work out the subject but just don't know what else to put on the page. In this case, I had Robyn Osborns's garden journal and I wanted to use the little dragon lizard that lives in my front garden. So I thought, what the heck, I'm just going to start and see what happens. 

So I gessoed the page cause that's how I start everything, got out my grey inktense pencil and just started to draw. I love my lizard.  He appears occasionally when I garden. I know he likes my garden cause it is fairly wild and natural. So I try not to disturb him too often. He's a great cooperator. He even waits for me to run inside,find my phone and come back for photos. Gotta love that. 

Then I wanted to put in my location so I thought about the compass I used in the shipwrecked DAJ that we did as an art swap not long ago. I image transferred it in place. Then I got the exact coordinates of my studio from the compass app on my phone and hey presto, the page was nearly done. 

I also added some journaling and a tag with some details about me to make the page more meaningful for Robyn. I was very tempt d to go all nerdy and write about the biology of the lizard but I decided to keep on theme. 

It's strange how close we are all becoming even though most of us have never met. 
I hope Robyn likes my page. It's very different to everything else in the book. 

Sharon Williams


  1. This is an absolutely fabulous page :)

  2. Love this page Sharon! Great ideas and great blogging! :)

  3. Just superb, both you spread and your lovely explanation. I think different is totally fine Sharon.

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  5. I adore this, and i love different. Id love to know more about the image transfer you did here too. Great pics!

  6. Love this so much Sharon :) Your lizard is totally gorgeous!

  7. A very different page it may be, but it is a very meaningful and artistic page, whats not to love. I am sure Robyn will treasure it in her journal. Thanks for sharing


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