Monday, January 25, 2016

Joan's journal - getting ready to launch

Hi everyone, well I decided to recycle a brand new photo album of the old style to make it my journal.

It had a nice cover and I thought I would be able to use some of the plastic pockets to put index cards in for each participant to write some details of their page that they do in my album, ie what inspired them or something about the process they used. Sort of an extension of the usual sign in cards.

Anyway first of all I decided to take off the metal bands that was on the front on it and then after Louise posted on site about the postage and weight etc, I thought the double thickness of the cover might be too heavy and the metal piece on the spin also.  So more ripping and straining and they were both removed.

After this using modpodge,I stuck a paper towel which had been dyed green to the front of the cover, used book tape to strengthen the spine and when dry painted the front with  some gesso

It has sat there for a couple of weeks, but I had no inspiration to proceed with it.  However a few days ago I found a book in my stash that I had for a while and I decided to use the front of the dustcover as it worked in with my Theme. I have stuck that on and added a few fibres at this time.  I am going to add a few more embellishments to it still, but don't want to make it too bulky for postage. I might even change it at end of swap/year depending on how well it wears.  I have half done my page in it also, so should be well on track for 1st Feb.

I have had a lot of trouble loading photos and I don't know why, they look find on my computer, but when copied to here they are blurry.


  1. Wow Joan I love your repurposed journal, it looks like you have done a lot to manage the weight for postage cost but still maintained its integrity and i looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks Roz. But this is the cover not my page.

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  2. Looks great Joan...awesome re-purposing!! Love your 1st page too!!

  3. Thanks Louise for your editing and for fixing the link.

  4. Thanks Louise for your editing and for fixing the link.


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