Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Faces, Gardens and Tattered Art

Two finished, two half done...

Turned out so different to what was in my head (amazing art in Kelly Rae Roberts' style), even with a labeled, detailed sketch! Instead, my inner paper addict took over and made it more like a scrapbook page but without a photo. But hey, its actually turned out ok! 
In hindsight, Robin's quote should have been in thicker writing or an overlay. Hopefully you can still read it :)

The Garden of My Imagination...
I love gardens, so much simpler than faces or pages about myself!
I started with watercolour wash background, then inked up a few stamps with Distress inks of different greens and yellows. Added the birds, stamped splotches in blues for sky. I never seem to stamp in just one colour! Its always at least two... lucky the inks don't transfer between inkpads!

A few butterflies made from my black and white prints, coloured with watercolour paints and tipped with Stardust glitter glue :) Pretty!

More glitter for their trails and its done. Well then I added words, and then it was done :)

Torn, Tattered Treasured...
I'll post an entry for the Torn and Tattered journal when its finished. More green! lol But at least its almost finished :)

Life As I See It...
I don't like what I've done at all for this... its just too over the top and blah. Ok, you twisted my arm, here it is. I think a bucket or 2 of white wash to calm it down might fix it. Maybe!

I got totally stuck when it had to be about me! lol So I over analysed what I could possibly do and this mess came out! lol 

I think the next journal I do should not have green at all... with them altogether here, anyone would think I don't have sny other colours to use! :D

So that's me nearly caught up. A few ATCs to finish and then the new journal to get organised and then I'll allow myself to join a new swap! Yay :)

Hope you all are loving creating pages in the journals. I know I am :)

Happy Creative Day!


  1. Oh Jenny thanks for your fabulous catch up and allof your pages are lovely - and I am a green fan

  2. They all look fantastic, It is funny thought how we can envisage something, but it ends up been totally different but wonderful anyway. Thanks for sharing

  3. Simply lovely pages! I love your 'faces' and appreciate the leap it took to do the page and I will treasure it all the more for that.


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