Monday, January 5, 2015

Louises page in Momento Mori

Momento Mori has certainly been challenging us all
 as it makes it was around our beautiful country.
 I have been thinking about this one for quite a while.  

We had a huge storm sweep in recently 
whilst I was contemplating the fact we are all very mortal
 and as I watched it gather power and overcome all the challenges
 in its path at such a ferocious speed
 I started to think how short a time all life has,
 be it that raging storm, ourselves or the trees around us.

I took those themes 
and was also inspired by the colour pallet
 of that sunset storm for my pages. 

First of all I did a black stencilled background as I was so inspired by Roz's gorgeous background. I wanted mine to look like trees in a wild storm with gathering darkness. 

Then I created all the elements I wanted to use in my spread, the clock face, the wings and an hourglass and I recycled some gold packaging I have been holding onto for ever to make my letters and played around with placement for a couple of days. 

Then I came across this great quote by Ansel Adams-

Öur time is so short
And the future so terrifyingly long.
Through the art of brush, pen and lens...
We possess a swift and sure means
of touching the conscience
and clearing the vision. 

So I had to add that.

I decided to make "Tempus Fugit" time flies,
the flying clock as an openable page in itself,

that reveals the quote and the watching hour glass.

I have also done a walk though this journal
 and published it at River Girl Art  if you would like a peek.

Working in this journal also bought to memory another quote- 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?” 


  1. Love your page Louise and happy that you were able to find some inspiration from mine. Just what I needed to hear right now...thanks!

    1. I love your work Roz, your pages are always so lovely <3

  2. Your page is beautiful Louise, I love all the elements and your thoughts behind it. Can't wait to see it in person :-) xoxo

    1. You will love it Mon, it is something special.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I love the way you used the storm to choose you colour palette!


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