Thursday, January 22, 2015

My spread in Reniet's Journal - Laughter in Spite of the Pain

The "smile" page represents how hard it is to smile when in any type of pain. I covered the page with Paynes Grey acrylic paint. It seemed more appropriate than black which was my initial idea. I then used some stencils and a baby wipe to move some of the colour and add some texture. I also did some  stenciling through the stencils with the paint. I printed out the clip art on matte photo paper and added them to the page. Again I did some stenciling to incorporate them into the page and to show the "smiles" through the pain. I printed out the words and went over them with black pastel glider. I added a bit of colour to the letters. The circles are from a napkin and are there to balance the page. I did some outlining with a brown permanent pen and edged the page with metallic green paint from Pentart.

The clown page - I started by stenciling the whole page with the Paynes Grey paint and added some metallic paint from Pentart to add some colour.  I then gesso'd the area where the clowns would go so that they would stand out more.They were also printed on matte photo paper. I printed out the quote and coloured the letters with neon pens (no name). I coloured over the cut out quote with gelatos to get rid of the white. Outlined the quote with gold paint pen and a black gel pen. Edged the page with metallic paint and added a bit more colour to the page with Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens. I also added the buttons coming out of the trumpet as the birds in the original clip art piece were too hard to save!!


  1. I love your pages Roz, they make me smile :)

  2. How did I miss this? Another great page Roz!! I really like your "pain" stencil, it is such a good representation of pain (at least in my experience). Well done :-)

  3. Thanks so much Monika...this was a struggle and I think I'm ok with the end result??


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