Thursday, December 4, 2014

Things that make me truly happy by Sharon

When it comes right down to it there are a million and one things that make me truly happy. Most of them are little things like the first time I uncap a new tube of paint or smell fresh hot cinnamon doughnuts. I love watching fireworks and fireflies. 
 love new places and revisiting old favourites. I'm really happy on a quiet stretch of beach amongst the seaweed or the deep green depths of a rainforest.  

So what on earth should I choose for this journal?  It's not easy to choose just one thing. 

Eventually I decided that it is a process not a thing that makes me happy and content. It is the process of learning. 
I realised that I love to understand what is going on around me. The process of seeing something and going back home to research further. To google, to read and digest so that next time, even if I don't remember the specifics, I will understand the generalities of what I'm seeing. 

My post is headed observation and understanding. I'm have layered up a loose seascape using inktense blocks then added a couple of stamps to represent memories of places and things I have discovered. Then I used images and some text from a 100 year old text book that I bought from a monastic town I stayed at several years ago. 
Here is the combination of childlike wonder with the more logical and science based adult looking at the world through the eyes of an artist. Hope you like it. 


  1. Sharon this is a beautiful spread and a great topic! xoxo

  2. Wow Sharon!! This is such an interesting it!!

  3. A very interesting take on the subject and beautifully executed as usual. Lovely.


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