Monday, September 8, 2014

Jan's Reveal Your True Self Entry

Reveal Your Tue Self
Well this was a lovely journal ready for some ‘just go with the flow’.
I had jotted down some notes prior to receiving the journal but they just didn’t seem to be what was required. I have always been into craft and drawing and painting and collected ‘scraps’ as a child and did lots of paper doll dress designing and was enthralled when my Mum did drawing classes when I was about 5 and she would come home with still lifes and nudes on large sheets of paper.

So I just got stuck in.

Then I found the quote of ‘What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever’ and it really rang true.

I layered tissue pictures and some collage and stamps and spray inks and acrylics.
Thanks for the opportunity to do a bit of exploring!


  1. Oh Jan, your pages are so lovely - free and heart felt - just what I love about art journaling

  2. Beautiful pages Jan and love the quote, it is certainly true for me too :-) xoxo


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