Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Of Mirrors

I want to take you today on a journey
 through one of our gorgeous art journals.

This journal belongs to Danielle in Western Australia
She has chosen a magical theme.

She has asked us to work in her gorgeous 
Book of Mirrors
in a vintage style.

We are about half way through our swap 
so getting the journals in the mail is such a treat
an artistic feast. 

You can see how much love and detail
 Danielle poured into her journal

She has prepared us a beautiful space
for magic to happen. 

Now to the pages done by our members- 

This gorgeous page was done by Jan ,
who has blogged about on that link
It is steeped in meaning and has so much to look at.

This page makes me smile
we are blessed with a whole range of different artistic styles
and Nicoles pages are always cute and positive and quirky.

Roz contributed next with this beautiful bee inspired page
including some lovely photographs she took 
and some vintage bee hives.

This is Pams lovely pages,
she was quite challenged with a subject so totally out of her comfort zone
and came up with a gorgeous and meaningful page.

Janene's moody atmospheric pages
show her wonderful ability with colour and layers.

For my pages I went with a herbal and healing theme
and just because there is so much room I did 2 spreads.

The first page focuses of Sage
I look at the healing, spiritual and magical properties of this wonderful herb.

Then I did a page on herbal remedies
 for depression, anxiety, insomnia and nervousness.
In the week we lost Robin Williams to depression 
and having it in my own life I felt it needed to be here.

Danielle's gorgeous journal is filling up and will be such a treasure when it wends it way all around our beautiful country and heads back to her- it has finished NSW now, next stop Queensland. It is cold and dreary here right now with winter having its last few weeks and making us feel it. I wish I was joining Danielles journal and heading north.

I also wanted to share just how clever and resourceful Danielle is- this gorgeous journal is made from recycled paint cards - love it.


  1. Oh wow what a wonderful journey you have taken us on Louise with Danielle's journal 'Book of Mirrors'. I had so much fun making my page in this journal and yes they do stretch your imagination to come up with something lol! There is so much talent out there and it is wonderful to see it in our journals, through their travels :-).

  2. Oh wow Danielle's journal looks amazing! Everybody's pages are so beautiful. I can't wait to have it in my hands and admire all the little details in it :-) xoxo


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