Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Janie's Australian Nature journal.

Australia is the land of the most extraordinary flora and fauna but if you asked  anyone to name an Australian animal you would probably get one of two anwsers. 

Kangaroo or koala, probably in that order. So I decided to go with the Kangaroo. 

Unfortunately this spread came together so quickly I forgot to take many photos.

The background was a layer of scrap papers which was covered with Atelier green black acrylic paint. 

The lovely kangaroo image ironically came from a children's book about a ladybird. 
( Lazy Ladybird and Greedy bee, by Isobel Finn and Steve Smallman,  Illustrations by Jack Tickle)

I wanted to add a bit more of an Australian feel and give the spread a bit more pop,so painted the letters in various shades of red and added traditional dots.


The boomerang was made by my friend Jenny out of some scrap paper and leftover paint. 

And all done. 

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