Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sallyanne's Home Journal

 Sallyanne's Home Journal.

This is my spread in Sallyanne's home journal. Home to me is a beautiful, crazy colourful place full of never ending excitement. With two daughters my house is colourful, noisy, a little hectic and a lot of fun. 
As i sat in my craft room i was inspired by the art and colour that surrounded me. 
The night before i had watched Tim Burtons The nightmare before christmas so i knew i wanted to create something with crazy twists and turns, black and white stripes, bent buildings, way too many ideas.

I started out by covering the page in a good layer of gesso. I then got out my box of sharpies and a pencil and started drawing out my cray city. This was honestly the best fun i've had with sharpies in a long while. I really let my imagination run wild. I couldn't find the right shade of blue so i did use a little acrylic paint but wasn't happy with it, so i stopped mid way through. My sharpies took over from here.

Almost finished. I really loved the creative process of this page. I was completely drawn in. I started coming up with little stories about the crazy little characters that could live there. What jobs they could have, where they would hang there washing, where is that green bridge leading too...... a roof top garden, public park? It really was a joy to work in this journal.

There you go, my crazy, colourful town. My home. 

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  1. Looks great Rebecca-lee! Reminds me of something out of Seuss! 🧡


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