Thursday, September 10, 2020

Movie Magic for Deb's.

I wanted to do a tribute to Mr Disney, who brought so much colour and magic into my childhood. There was Snow White, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and many more.But my favorite was Fantasia. Walt Disney brought together the wonders of classical music and fabulous animation. 

If I close my eyes and listen to Fantasia, I'm transported back in time to the dress circle of the Guildford Odeon with my Grandmother and younger brother Peter.

For the background I was going to just paint black but the night sky is made up of so many hues. I used Blue Violet, Prussian blue hue, Diox purple, and Red black. Once dry I had great fun flicking warm white and a very pale blue to create the stars.

I found Mickey in a children's book on manners.

And decided to paint the mops free hand. 

Lastly just to paint the one word that sums Fantasia up for me - magic. 

So thank you Deb's for 

A) coming up with such a great topic. 

B) for allowing me to work in your journal. 

C) bring back such happy memories. 



  1. Awesome :) Mickey Mouse is such a fun character to create with and just love the mops!

  2. What a great spread Sallyanne, love that journalling can evoke so many memories! 💛


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