Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Melissa's Ballet Journal


This is my spread in Melissa's Ballet Journal.  I created this artwork using Ashvin Harrison
 "teal dancer" as inspiration. I used Lindy's sprays for the background. I used water colour and acrylic paint to create the Ballet dress.

I love how majestic and talented Ballet Dancers are. The dedication to their craft is inspiring. 
I wanted to represent this dedication and grace in the flowing movement of her dress.

I wanted to add a sweet poem about Ballet. I found the poem i used on Google.

"The world is full of Fairies,
And they love to dance,
Are they hidden under lillies,
Or beneath a willow,per chance.

We know where they're hiding,
Where they play and sip their tea,
Where they scatter fairy dust,
And leap and dance with glee.

Yes, we know where they gather,
And, we will tell you where to look,
At Fairy Ballerina Camp,
This summer at Storybook!"

Thank you Melissa for creating a super fun theme to work with. I adore how my Ballerina turned out and i hope you love her too


  1. Rebecca I am so grateful for your contribution to my ballet journal, it is so beautiful, the way you have captured her movement is just wonderful, I hope you are proud of this because I sure am 🙂❤

  2. Such a lovely flow in this spread. Well done Rebecca-Lee! 💜

  3. Beautiful movement in your painting :)


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