Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Bit of Whimsical Dancing....

by Lisa for Louise

Louise's Whimsical Creatures journal is a really cute little journal - I guess it's whimsical! The fact that it was Pam's journal, and Louise has put a page together with both of their work - heartwarming. 💛

I wasn't really sure what kind of creatures to do, but Louise's page gave me the idea - it says Australia, home to many whimsical creatures.  So I came up with the idea to do some dancing brolgas! 

Whenever we go used to go to Sydney, we'd usually end up at Darling Harbour - Scott and I love it there.  I've always admired the statues of the dancing brolgas there.

So, as usual, I didn't take any progress pics.  But I gessoed my pages so I could watercolour them - the pages of this journal aren't very thick.  I then added some lovely Art Spectrum Australian watercolours - Pilbara Red, Australian Red Gold, Yellow Ochre and Tasman Blue!  Once dry, I sealed the pages with Micador Matt Spray. Stinks, and I can't stand the smell, but it works... 😑

I found some pics of dancing brolgas on Pinterest, and sketched them onto a scrap piece of paper first.  I then drew them freehand over my pages with pen in a really messy style. 😄

The sun was added after watercolouring - so much easier!  The white bits at the bottom were an attempt to add salt - memo to self, this works sooooo much better on watercolour paper!

I added the words in pen, sprayed it all again with the sealing spray, and called it done. 💜

Hope you like it Louise!  

Stay safe everyone, and keep making art!

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. Gorgeous watercolours and I love Brolgas

    1. Great, thanks Louise! It's really nice when what's in your head actually comes out like you've imagined! ☺

  2. Love it! The brolgas are having a fantastic time!


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