Friday, May 24, 2019

I'm a Sallyanne Scholefield's journal 'Who are you?'

Gosh, Sallyanne's journal is the biggest yet!
 Who am I?
 Good question, but tricky. 
I love metaphors so I choose that of a tree to symbolise who I am.

I also want to explore texture more in this spread so after using white gesso on both pages I add some collage of plants and tissue which I want to provide a textured base.

 I also use wallpaper to create a large tree (me) and a smaller one (my family), this adds even more texture but it needs some colour. I use Ranger's Distress Oxide Inks to do this.

I'm not totally happy with it but I keep going,
 adding leaves to the tree and those falling to show that I'm in the Autumn of my life. 

 I use texture markers to add lines of definition to the leaves and tree trunks...much better.

As text I write my thoughts on watercolour paper in a fine black marker, rip them into lines then outline them in dots with highlights for the words themselves. 

Very pleased. Oh, and there's a sketched selfie too. 

Hope you will like it Sallyanne. xox


  1. love this Amanda; the trees are fab, and is that you down in RH corner 😆

  2. Amanda, this is so beautiful, well done. Your process is awesome, I clearly understand your reasoning for choosing to associate with trees, they are one but at the same time so universal ��

  3. Apologies I don’t know why there are question marks at the end of my paragraph

  4. I love this Amanda...great idea and I love the way you have used different materials.

  5. Great texture and love the colours in your background Amanda - and really love your tree!

  6. Lovely, ;lovely work AJ. I just adore trees and totally relate to the personification

  7. Love your page ! Great texture very clever ��love the use of material!


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