Monday, March 4, 2019

Enigmatic Octopus for Melissa's Under the Sea Journal

As above, so below.

The oceans of the earth are just as vast and undiscovered as the oceans of outer-space.....

The Octopus floats in the tranquil embrace of the oceans...

Dark and mysterious..

The enigmatic quality of the octopus mirrors the mystery within each of us....

Before the journal arrived I had envisioned lots of colourful sea creatures, lots of collage and bubbles.
However this journal has aged papers, it's dark and mysterious, it should be full of the wisdom of the ancients and so I decided to go free hand and paint the octopus with acrylic paint mixed with a clear glaze to give it a translucent appearance.

I added lots of warm white dots so he didn't get lost in the background.

Finished off with a few fish and shell shapes.


  1. Sallyanne your octopus is awesome!! First journal, first Blog, how does it feel?

  2. Absolutely fabulous art work Sallyanne and awesome blogging.

  3. Gorgeous spread Sallyanne, love your octopus! Great blogging too! 😊

  4. Sallyanne, this is amazing, my jaw has dropped to the ground. I love this beautiful mysterious Octopus, it feels like that he was waiting to be created by you, every medium supply and tools you have used has brought fourth this awesome serene creature, I can't thank you enough.

  5. Ooh I love this octopus! Fabulous!


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