Friday, March 29, 2019

Autumn Haiku

by Lisa for Pam

Sorry peeps, have been a bit slack this month with getting Pam's journal done.  I had to go back to work a few weeks ago, and attempt to get back into the swing of things - adjustments had to be made after 9 weeks off work, after my knee op!

Anyhoo, it's done!  Pam's journal is (as always 😊) beautifully made, with lovely paper.  I decided it would be fun to write my own haiku to add...  Don't think I've done one since early high school, so it was fun!

I'm loving making autumn leaves at the moment, using tea bags and watercolour - so an Autumn haiku was in order.  First I made all of my leaves.  I'm always so pleased that they look quite real!

Next I started on my background.  I wanted something soft and .... backgroundish... so I just used swirls of autumnal watercolours.  I then did a wash of undersea green over the top, to tone it down.  Lastly I stamped some leaves, again in watercolour, using a stamp I'd made.

Next, it was time to add my haiku to the page.  I ummed and ahhed about how best to add it, then decided on my trusty alphabet stamps.  But quickly realised they were going to be too big...

But that's okay; some words ended up being stamped, and the others written in with faux calligraphy.  Problem solved!

Finally it was time to place all of my leaves on the page, and glue them down with matte gel medium.  Luckily, like baby bear, the number of leaves I had made turned out just right! 🐻

So my haiku reads:

Hues of red and brown
Leaves shed like hot summer tears
Autumn rears its head.

And here tis!

The colours in the pic haven't come out quite right; I'm hoping you'll love it when you get it home Pam.  I'm really pleased with all the great texture from the different leaves, and really enjoyed putting this together for you!

Happy Arting. 

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. Fantastic Lisa...the leaves are gorgeous. haiku tooπŸ’›❤πŸ’›

  2. It's beautiful thanks Lisa. Your leaves are great and it is fun to compose a haiku to suit.

  3. Gorgeous work Lisa I am playing with tea bags lately, not so much in journalling though.


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