Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Annabelle works in Colleen’s journal

I always love working with napkins so I had fun playing in this journal so much so I forgot to take process pictures along the way. 
I have been trying hard not to do faces in everyone’s journal but I could not resist the urge this time. I hope you like her Colleen, I am so sorry that my photo of the finished page is so poor.


  1. Annabelle from what I can see it is gorgeous. I can not wait to see this. Thank you for doing a face in my journal. I will treasure it forever.

  2. Oh so love your faces Annabelle!

  3. Your faces are always so beautiful Annabelle. I would love to see the finished page as well.

  4. Annabelle we all love your beautiful faces and I am sure no one would complain about having such a treasure in their journal


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