Monday, September 24, 2018

Lisa playing in Annabelle's Egyptian Journal!

Annabelle's journal is a lovely A4 affair with 300gsm paper, and all the entries in it look great!  I love how peeps can come up with so many different ideas for a theme.

I had an urge to use teabags, and something to do with hieroglyphics.  I'd made a hieroglyphic piece last year for the 52 Week Illo Challenge I was in, and used teabags in that too.

So I
to take progress
pics this time!

First step was to collage the teabags onto the journal.

If you haven't tried playing with teabags yet, I really recommend having a go - the colours that you get from the different teas are beautiful. 

and each teabag is different! 

If you'd like to have a go, all you need to do is have a cup of tea (or just steep some teabags, if you're not a tea drinker). 

Once you've finished your tea (or give it 5 minutes if you're just steeping), squeeze the excess liquid out of the teabags and leave them to dry out.  I just stick mine on a plate in an out of the way spot in the kitchen, or leave them in the sun if it's a nice day.

You can apparently dry them out in the oven, but sometimes if they dry too quickly they can become a bit brittle, and tear when you're extracting the leaves.

Once dry, either cut the top off, if it's a crimped style, or remove staple or thread if it's not, and empty the tea leaves.  I don't mind if some leaves remain, as it adds texture.  Open the bag out fully.

Adhere to your journal using matte gel medium.  Because the teabags are porous, you can just actually put the teabag down where you want it, and paint the medium over the top.  Easy!

 Next I added some lines
down the page with a
water activated pencil. 
I just like the colour and
interest that it gives.

Then I sketched in my design
and outlined it all with
a Uni Pin fineliner pen. 
These are great because they're waterproof.

For my next step I firstly
watercoloured the design
in Payne's Grey, and then
highlighted bits with my
trusty Uniball gold pen.

Take care with these pens
because unfortunately
they're not waterproof!

I felt that the gold didn't really stand
out enough, so I then outlined
everything with my General's
charcoal white pencil. 

These pencils have a really
nice feel, and you can water-
activate them too.

I added some words to the left of the
spread, sealed it all with gloss gel medium,
and I was done!

Here is a closeup, and the
full spread!

I found all of these images on Pinterest, so they're probably all from different eras!


The main pic is of the god Heh, spirit of the million years. 
The birds represent Horus,
the falcon god.

Hope you like it Annabelle, it was fun putting all the different elements together!

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. I love it so much, thanks Lisa I can’t wait to see the tea bags in use!

  2. It's wonderful Lisa. As to the time line, who cares? It's an art journal not a history book and it looks mighty fine to me.

  3. Wow Lisa. This is wonderful. The teabags look great & your drawings are amazing.

  4. So gorgeous Lisa and so inspirational I must play with tea bags again soon.

    1. Thanks Louise, and yes, you should! :)

    2. In person this page is incredible Lisa- stunning.

  5. absolutely fantastic Lisa. This is brilliantly done ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Wow, a beautiful page and your post is so informative!


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