Thursday, September 27, 2018

Life is a (Vintage) Circus

Some times I think my life is a circus,
 there are certainly enough dare devil occurrences
and no shortage of clowns.  
This month has been very circus focused
 as I live near the show ground 
and the Rio circus from Brazil 
has been there performing 
so I have had their lights and tent viewed from my window
 and some folks from work also attended and enjoyed it. 
However aside from my own very dramatic family circus 
I have had the pleasure of playing in 
Sharon Rogers's lovely Vintage Circus
 travelling art journal from round 6 of 
the Australian Art Journal Swap. 
I have been super busy but had my vintage circus radar peculating in the back of my mind and nothing was grabbing me. I was in a shop though and there was a notice up from an old news paper story about a long ago flood that had a circus stranded in town and Samson the strongman was assisting in the rescue efforts and also put on a benefit show to support the town. 
He must have loved our dear Grafton as he then stayed on and became a shop keeper or maybe it was a publican. 
We almost had a strongman theme  but unfortunately I didn't make the Vintage Circus connection at the time so went on my merry way and can not remember the shop or all the details beyond my curiosity in that moment and googling gave me no answers either, meanwhile time was ticking so I went back to good old google and started looking at Vintage Circus images for inspiration. While looking I didn't want to use any animals and I don't think animals in circuses are a good idea even though they could have been a great page and of course once I go going I just had fun and played and I think they fit the theme ok. 


  1. I really loved reading what you wrote here Louise. I, too, hate to think about those poor animals carted around the country in those awful metal crates and made to perform for their human (a very overrated species) audience. Good on you, I love this art but would have loved to have seen the strongman somewhere.........❤️

    1. Lol I had thought to add other characters in the borders but it was too much, I was thinking of a ringmaster and a clown and maybe a magician, juggler, or a human canon ball :) plenty of creatures that had a choice, unlike the poor animals.

  2. Love all your performers Louise! xx


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